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French Tickling Unbearable Tickling Continues Face Down For Paige

For the last part of Paiges first experience in our studio shes immobilized face down and she discovers how shes helpless in this situation.

The beauty is horribly ticklish everywhere but like with every girls the fact she cant see her ticklers makes her more sensitive than usual so you can imagine what she endured here.

This clip is mostly F/F tickle action but youll enjoy a lot of FM/F tickling because both ticklers really wanted to push her to her ticklish limits.

They attack her insanely ticklish bare feet, legs, hips, sides, underarms and her neck for an ultimate and unbearable tickling punishment.

Paige goes nuts all long the session with hysterical and convulsive reactions at some moments.

Sure she will never forget her tickle experience with us and how she lost control of herself so many times.
One of our hottest and most ticklish model since numerous years!

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