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TheBKTickler Claudias tickle torture feet

TheBKTickler  Claudias tickle torture  feet
Here she is. Claudia Lewis. I found out about her not too long before I actually got the pleasure to meet her, but Im glad I did. Nothing like a model that loves tickling and is CRAZY ticklish. I saw how ticklish she was from the work she did with other tickle producers. So it made me too to anxious to find out for myself. One of the sweetest women that I have ever met, so it almost made feel bad for what imma do to her.almost (muhahaha). So I have her feet bonded TIGHT in the chair. I decide to build up the process slowly before getting to the good stuff. I even let her keep her shoes on before taking them off myself to get to the good stuff.. meaning her ticklish soles. Even when I started through her socks, they were ticklish AF. Then I was like let me out waste any more time. So once the socks came off, she went through pure tickle hell. And shes a screamer. I actually thinks shes a louder screamer than Ginary.. and that says ALOT. And no matter gentle I was with the tools like the electric toothbrush in between her toes, it didnt stop her from going crazy. But I didnt hold back at all. Now lemme ask you how do you think she reacted when I brought out the special tickle weapon. You all know theres one way to find out. Just purchase. Plain and simple. No disappointments.

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