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The BKTickler Fayth And The Foot Stocks

Another Saturday morning well spent. And Fayth ended up completely spent! Fayth is a well-known veteran in the fetish community, and has a good amount of history in the tickling department. But until today, she hasnt experienced any tickling like this. She was nervous, and she had a reason to be. And she didnt want me to hold back. The courage on her! My nails were going in on her soles. Causing her to release a very heavy laugh that is so addictive. It was probably a good idea for her to not try me how bad it tickles inbetween laughs. It wouldnt have mattered. Because it was going to get worse for her! The spike balls got her cackling like a Muthaf! Head bobbing back and forth. A little shortage of breath..same reaction for when I combined the tickle wand with the special massage tool. She claims it felt amazing despite how much it tickled. Then I used the wands inbetween her toes which was leaving her into a hysterical shock. But I do still have a heart. I let her catch her breath again until the mitt went up against her feet..lets just say it gave her a reason to say I was cruel. Still a compliment in my eyes. Theres more thats gonna happen to her, but look at this clip that youre about to purchase as an appetizer. Enjoy.

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