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Scarlett Sinns Twisted Fetishes - Merciless Tickling For The Unruly Patient

Vika has been very troublesome at this medical facility. She has been using her big feet to intentionally trip people and at times, even stomp people. Shes been extremely unruly, so now its time she suffers the consequences. She is to be put through a sort of treatment which I view more like a punishment. Vika is in the room and strapped to the wooden treatment board. With restraints on her wrists and ankles and extra straps around her elbows, hips and knees, Vika is topless and immobile. With Vika in this vulnerable position, I have direct access to all of her most ticklish spots on her body, and I intend to mercilessly tickle her until she learns how to behave. I use my fingers for the tickling treatment. And at one point, I apply baby oil to her large bare feet and use my metal tickle claws to tickle them! Being the tickle sadist that I am, I thoroughly enjoy administering this form of behavior modification!

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