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ARIEL And EMILY - Exam Failed - BRUTAL Trampling In High Heel Sandals

ARIEL And EMILY - Exam Failed - BRUTAL Trampling In High Heel Sandals

Bratty college students Ariel and Emily studied hard to pass their exams, so they will have their summer free to enjoy. But just one asshole professor didn't qualify them to pass the exam, even if they deserved to! The two Ladies are so angry with him, now they will have to study in the summer! They cannot let it go, they will pay a visit to their professor, after all they know his little secret!

The two bratty studends tried everything with their footbitch professor, but he still refuses to give good grades. Emily has enough, she says to Ariel that she really needs to qualify for this test, so she wants to do something really extreme to make this loser finally give the good grades to them.

Ariel brings the professor and commands him to remove his t-shirt, while Emily wears her sexy high heel sandals. They throw him on the floor and Emily starts to trample the poor guy BRUTALLY under her sandals. Ariel is next to her and over his face, barefoot, abusing his face under her feet while Emily BUTCHERS his body with her sharp heels, the square heel cuts his flesh in many parts, making him full of marks! Of course Emily doesn't forget to crush his face and she makes him worship her shoes while she stands on him! After some minutes of really hard high heel trampling and face abuse, the professor finally cracks and begs them to stop, promising that he will give the good grades! Emily tells him that if he will not, they will come back for him!

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