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Goddess Clue - IQ Reduction File

Goddess Clue - IQ Reduction File
This is a file that is designed to reduce the intelligence of the viewer, permanently. Ideal for the seekers of pure IQ reduction, zombification, himbobification or bimbofication. Mesmerizing visuals of female bare feet, entrancing audio and multilayered voice tracks are designed to condition the viewer to become dumber with each session with intended permanent effects including outside of trance. The file achieves this by conditioning associations between pleasure, arousal and intelligence loss. The file is also designed to be enjoyable and encourages ongoing use. WARNING: This is real. The intended effects are permanent and this may have profound consequences in your day to day life. Proceed with extreme caution. Significant effects can occur with only a single session. If you are however certain you want to become significantly dumber and would like your brains taken from you by the bare feet of a beautiful woman, then repeated usage is recommended.

MP4 * 2.14 GB * 00:20:00 * 1920x1080


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