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Brat Princess 2 - Ava,Princess Hannah - Best Friend Used And Humiliated

Princess Hannah introduces both of her best friends. Slave Pup Cup is a male beta shrimp dick best friend. Ava is impressed. She loves a good beta. They make fun of him and make him sniff their socks and worship their feet. Inhale and exhale! He is so pathetic. But he will do anything for them. He is a foot freak. Hannah has to yell at him sometimes because he acts so stupid. He just sits there like a little bitch and takes the verbal torment. She is SO mean. She spits on him and smacks him when he acts up. They want to humiliate him even more. So, they tell him to take off his pants so they can inspect his chastity. Just what Ava expected. A small little dick. His chastity clearly needs to go down a couple sizes.

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