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Madame Marissa Shrunk and enslaved by my dirty feet

Madame Marissa  Shrunk and enslaved by my dirty feet
Come over here! You really want to be shrunken by me and then worship my giant feet?! They're really dirty ... but you don't mind, do you? It could be really dangerous for you ... but if you really want it, start by licking some of the dirt from my feet! Ok, you really seem to want this, so follow me into the kitchen and drink this. Oh, you're shrinking quickly! How does your body feel as you shrink more and more? Are you afraid of my big feet now? Since you're so small and helpless, I can do with you whatever I want! I could just step on you and you'd just be another piece of dirt stuck to my foot soles ... but not yet ... I'll play with your tiny body for a while! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan.

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