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CECILIA And GEORGINA - Blond Bond - Foot Domination Experience PART2

We introduce the amazing blond beauty Georgina! She is so beautiful and sexy with curvy ass, long legs and perfect feet. Cecilia was waiting for her as she studies abroad, but finally she visits her and Cecilia wants to have some fun together! She invites her to one of her slave's house for the first experience of her girlfriend in femdom! Georgina is inspired after the exibition of her girlfriend and sticks her sexy feet on her slave's face. She dominates him underfoot, kicking and stomping his face with an evil joyful smile. She makes the slave worship her perfect feet and she makes him suck her toes and wipes her soles all over his face. Cecilia joins and they kick and hurt his face under their feet together, until they rest them on it smiling satisfied!

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