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Filth Fetish Studios - Princess Chelsea - Feet Bigger Than Your Face

It would start with Chelsea couch, barefoot and her feet are a bit dry and maybe even casually dirty similar to how they appear in the beginning of the clip Step-Mom Will Be Home Soon. Her feet are up on the arm of the couch, and the camera shows her soles very closely showing them together and moving from top to bottom of her soles to see each detail of her soles. Again, this would be similar to how they appear in the beginning of Step-Mom Will Be Home Soon, but more focus on very close up, and showing each spot from top to bottom very close. After a minute or two of this, she decides to call in her slave because she wants to use his/her face to warm her feet. She has the slave kneel at the arm of the couch, facing her. The slave does not have any mask on or anything to cover their head or face, and no tape on the mouth. She places both bare feet onto the slaves face, completely covering their face including the nose, mouth, eyes and forehead so you cant see any of their face. It would be great if her toes curl over the slaves forehead from time to time, in addition to her heels extending past the slaves chin. She continues to do this for a few minutes, occasionally grinding her feet into their face. It would be great to get a close up side angle and a POV from Chelseas angle during this to show how her feet completely seal the face of the slave so the face cannot be seen at all. Then she decides she wants to change her position. She has the slave move to the front of the couch and lay down on their back, with their head near the couch and facing away from Chelsea. She sits above the slave and lowers her feet down onto the slaves face, again completely covering their face as before for a few minutes. Similar to before, her toes extend past, and occasionally clamp down on, the slaves chin. Her heels would extend past the forehead. Occasionally she grinds her feet into the salves face. And also as before, it would be great to get a closeup shot from the side and also POV from Chelseas angle. Then after you are done with the slave, the camera gives a POV of your soles together very closeup for a couple minutes, starting at your heels and moving very slowly up to you toes, and then back down to the middle of you soles together. It would be awesome if you could make them wrinkle periodically during this as well.

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