» » Stella Liberty - Roommate's Dirty Feet

Stella Liberty - Roommate's Dirty Feet

 Stella Liberty - Roommate's Dirty Feet

I've come home to find you sitting by the front door again. And I've figured out its because that's where I keep my dirty stinky shoes! This has got to stop. You're a good room mate otherwise but I've had enough of this disgusting perversion of yours. You must have a foot fetish. Here, want to play with them? Haha, you disgust me, seriously, who likes feet anyways? And stinky shoes? You, by far are the most repulsive guy I've ever met. I know you have a terrible masturbation addiction too, and I find it disgusting that you like to jerk off to my dirty feet. So you like dirty feet? Look at these! I went outside and got them all covered in dust for you. You should lick and suck them to show me you really like me. And while you're at it, open your mouth so I can spit into it. Since now you're obviously my foot slave I think you should jerk that pathetic dick while you worship my filthy feet and flip flops.

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