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Young Goddess Kim - Divine Dirty Feet

Young Goddess Kim - Divine Dirty Feet
you are now forever on your knees crawling on all fours like My footdog. I've been walking outside in the dirt and now My feet are filthy. you are in the corner licking My shiny strappy stilettos spotless with your tongue, when you see My divine feet walk right past you. I take a seat and snap My fingers and command you to bring My shoes in your mouth. you can't stop staring at My dirty soles, haha you are actually drooling for them. Even the dirt on My soles is superior to you, footbitch. I am going to use your tongue to lick it off, lick My soles clean! The dirt on My soles is like a delicacy for you. Make sure you lick My dirty soles spotless and suck each toe. I want to put these heels on so I need My feet cleaned, this is your duty. Bark for My feet, bitch. Hahaha, more than you deserve - kiss the ground beneath My heels and thank Me.

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