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Czech Soles - Sexy DIRTY and smelly feet really need a bath

 Czech Soles - Sexy DIRTY and smelly feet really need a bath
It's a hot summer day and Nikola is running errands in the city of Prague. She can feel how her feet are getting sweaty in those shoes but what can she do now? She's have to deal with it once she comes home. When she arrives home, she kicks her shoes off and immediately notice how dirty feet are. "Ewww my feet are sooo dirty and disgusting. I really should wash them up!" she says but she's too tired to wash them right away. There is dirt on her heels and also a toe jam between her's gross. And oh my god the smell...her feet never smelled so bad as they do right now. The hot summer temperatures and closed up shoes are making her feet sweat!

Such a dirty feet, it's really too much for her and it's time to wash them real good. She sits on the kitchen desk and puts her feet in the sink to wash them. The dirt is coming off nicely and they also start to smell a bit less. When she's done she jumps off the desk but lands right onto some grapes that fell on the floor. Her feet are dirty again and sticky from the grapes. Damn! It's time to wash them again. So again she puts her sexy feet in the sink and starts to wash them and rub them with her hands.

The camera is up close the whole time and you can see every detail of her toes and her soft and sexy soles. "Too bad a dirt loving slave isn't here right now so he could lick my feet clean" she thinks to her self. That would be a great help for her.

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