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Ginary - 3 Girl Chocolate Pudding Feet (Premium User Requests)

Ginary - 3 Girl Chocolate Pudding Feet (Premium User Requests)
Orias, Nikki Brooks and Maria Jade are all admiring each others sandals and feet. Nikki gets curious about the big bowl of pudding in front of them and wonders how it will feel to slip her feet inside. The girls begin to dip their feet in the chocolate and rub their pudding covered feet. The girls giggle as the pudding tickles their toes and delight in making them wet and messy. They take turns squishing their feet in the pudding and get turns on covering them in chocolate. They encourage you to stroke your cock to their pudding covered feet as they begin to kiss and fondle each other. The girls show off their chocolate soles until Maria gets hungry. She begins licking the pudding off of the girls feet making a mess of herself. Nikki and Orias finish by joining in the foot licking too. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Nikki or Mia? Email us today.)

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