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Humiliation POV - Lucid Lavender - Out Of Control Mesmeratrix - Your Girlfriend Can't Stop Turning You Into A Mindless Gooning Zombie

Lucid Lavender! This clip is an incredible mesmerize mindfuck! Make sure and read the full description!

Babe Im starting to get frustrated, its been like weeks since weve had normal sex. Im so frustrated, it seems like ever since I went to mesmerize show, like I dont know what happened. I wasnt mesmerized myself but its like he put some kind of spell on me, and now every time Im around a man... they just turn into this like stroking, gooning zombie and I cant understand whats going on! I just dont know what to do. Im just getting bored with all these guys just stroking and gooning. Im like is that what you wanna be? Just a stroking, mindless zombie for me? Because thats not what I want. I dont wanna have this ability to just move my arms and then youre mesmerized, and I dont even know how to control it. I dont know how to make it stop.

I dont want you to be this way, I just want to cuddle and be normal. When I hang out with my guy friends, I dont want them to just stroke their dicks and kinda lose themselves, like I dont want to see that. Like Im just trying to hang out with you, I dont wanna see you stroke your cock like that. Eww gross. I dont wanna see you goon for me. Im just confused, I make myself available to you, you know I want you, Im even wearing your favorite outfit. It always made you so horny for me and now look at you. Im telling you, I want to have sex with you! I want you to throw me on the bed and I want you to fuck me! And youre not even moving!

Youre just all hazy and mesmerized and gooning in front of me. Its like you cant stop. Its like Im just turning everyone I know into a trapped gooning zombie. I mean is that what you what you wanna be? Just a trapped submissive slut? And I dont mind doing that to you sometimes but when I want you to fuck me, I want you to fuck me! I dont want you just sitting there stroking your cock! What are we just gonna masturbate all the time from now on? Come fuck me, why are you just sitting there stroking, youre making me sad. Do you want me to move on to somebody who can control themselves? But the thing is, it doesnt seem like anyone can control themselves around me any more. Its like I turn everybody into beta mesmerized little stroking sluts. Its like thats all you are now. I go to one mesmerize camp and I come back and I cant even help myself. You cant even help yourself.

I mean I like it sometimes but when I cant even help it?! And they didnt even teach me how to break somebody out of this spell. Here Ill try, Youre no longer a stroking, submissive gooning slut. Oh my god that just made you stroke harder! I dont get it. Are you gonna be like this forever? Are you just gonna wanna stroke for me forever now? Youre never gonna wanna fuck me anymore? What do I have to do? Maybe if I parade myself in front of you it will break you out of this stroking, gooning spell. How badly do I need to tease you? I want to fuck you, maybe you should do just more than stroke you brains out. I might have to go find somebody stronger than you who can be around me and not be totally mesmerized and gooned out.

I dont wanna leave you but if this is all you can do around me and you cant stop yourself, I might just have to add you to my beta collection. And its growing more and more every day, its like I cant even help it. Sure it makes me feel powerful and like Im really good at this, but I miss you. I want you to be able to play with me again. Dont you miss it? Or is this all you wanna be now? You just stroke and stroke and stroke. Its kind of exhausting having this, not knowing how to break people out. Because I want to, for the most part. Maybe thats why I cant. Maybe I cant break you out because I dont really want to. Maybe I kinda like you this way. Maybe its kinda nice, having you like this.

You definitely do more of what I want now as far as like cooking and cleaning and rubbing my feet. And thats all really nice, but, do you want me to go find someone who actually wants to fuck me and doesnt just wanna be a weak little stroking slut? What, do you like when I call you a weak little stroking slut? A beta gooning bitch. It makes your pupils just dilate and your body just starts to twitch. I think I know what Im going to have to do with you. I didnt want to, I wanted to keep you as my boyfriend, but, if you cant deal with being around me anymore. I think Im going to have to find someone better and stronger. Someone who isnt so easily mesmerized. Because I want more than this. Dont you wanna be more than this? At least youll still get to see me whenever I want to make you weak.

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