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Goddess Gwen - Subbie Sock Slave

Hello my Little Sock subbie! I'm going to explain to you exactly what it means to be my sock slave! See these delicious sweaty filthy socks? You're going to sniff them, suck on them, stick them deep in your mouth while you jerk your sad subbie cock. The scent of my socks is so addictive! One whiff and you're stiff! The first time you cum to my damp socks you'll instantly want more! You'll buy my old smelly socks and then buy me new socks to wear, and then buy my old smelly socks over and over again so that you end up paying for each pair of socks twice! You'll buy a pair of worn socks every day so that you continuously have a new pair to worship, you'll need my socks just to get an erection! You won't even be able to cum without my filthy sock shoved in your mouth!

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