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Divine Empress Kamryn - The Puppet Game

See these red stockings. Admire them enveloping my legs and thighs. Such a nice and bright color, it suits me, right? I am going to put you into a state of relax, first and foremost. I want my slaves to be right where they need to be. I want my slaves to be right where they have to be. A few finger snaps to steal all your focus, one countdown to bring you in deep and once you're all prepped and set, with your mind blank and light, we are going to play. The puppet game. When I swing my feet with red stockings before your enchanted eyes, you stroke mindlessly. You goon without even thinking, by how focused you are. When I stop and you don't see the red of my stockings, you stop jerking and you get to worship me. Exactly as a puppet. Exactly as I am pulling your strings. Because that's literally what I do to you every single time.

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