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The Foot Fantasy - Luna Toe Wiggling Relaxting Joi For Steve

Luna's voice is very relaxing and affirming and her bare soles are in front of you, Luna gives you lots of eye contact and toe wiggling. Encouraging you, Steve to stroke your cock with the jerk off instructions. Luna shows off her beautiful Legs and Feet as she begins, Hi Steve, . . . so how are you? I know youve worked really hard this week. I know youve had a tough week and now its time to relax. And I know Steve that the best way you like to relax is to look at my soles and my wiggling toes. Luna continues, This is well deserved, andTake a deep breath in and a deep breath out and I want you to stare at my wiggling toes. Every time I wiggle my toes you go deeper and deeper. . . Luna give meditating and seducing soft to you Steve as she wiggles her toes for you on her small size 5 feet.

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