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Licking Girls Feet - NICOLE - Excellent lunch for a slave (Premium User Requests)

Nicole decided to take a walk to the grocery store. She remembered that her slave suzanne had not eaten for a long time and Nicole, as a kind Mistress, would take care of her. "We're going to the grocery store now.. You like sandwiches, slut?" - Nicole asked the slave. Nicole then stepped on the sandwich, wrapped her feet in cling film, and put on her sneakers. She took suzanne by the leash and they walked together to the market. They were gone for about three hours and returned home. Nicole led the slave on a leash and a bag of groceries dangled in the slave's teeth .. It's summer and very hot outside, so the sandwiches for the slave in Nicole's sneakers are obviously already "prepared". Nicole sat on the couch and removed the tape from her feet. The sweat from her feet soaked into the sandwiches and made a great snack for suzanne. "You're a hungry slut? Your sandwiches are ready! Mmmm... sweat sandwiches.. yummy! To eat every last crumb!" - Nicole ordered and began to feed the pathetic slave with sandwiches from her feet. suzanne licks Nicole's feet and swallows all the crumbs. The slave lowers her face to the floor, Nicole spits on her and pushes the rest of the sandwich into her mouth. suzanne licks the floor clean so that not a single crumb remains.

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