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Salma and Alex Shame and Humiliation in Front of a Beloved Step Nephew

Recently, Salma perceives her step-sister Monica only as a slave. She hates to realize that she is her step-sister! Today, her step-son Alex asked her a lot about when his dear step-aunt Monica would come to visit them. Monica often played with when he was young, bought him toys and snacks .. he stayed overnight with her and they watched cartoons together. "Step-Mom, when is step-aunt Monica coming to visit us? I haven't seen her in a long time." Alex asked Salma. Salma decided to show her step-son who her step-sister is now. She called Monica and ordered to come to them as soon as possible. Monica crawled to her Mistress very quickly and Salma let her into the apartment. When Alex saw his dear step-aunt crawling on her knees at his step-mother's feet he was taken aback and asked. "step-Mom, what's going on? Why is step-aunt on her knees and calling you - Mistress?" Alex was surprised. Salma told the whole story from beginning to end and added in conclusion - "Now she isn't your step-aunt and not my step-sister, she is just a pathetic slave whore! Now I'll prove it to you!" - Salma ordered Monica to worship her bare feet in front of Alex. Monica was very ashamed in front of her beloved step-nephew to lick her step-sister's feet, but she had no choice, now she is just a slave. Alex was even amused and he began to shoot his step-aunt on video. Monica begged Alex not to film her but Salma immediately ordered her to shut up. "I'll show this to my friends from the university and we'll laugh together." Today Salma showed her step-son who his step-aunt really is.

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