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Pedi Police - Kira Perez - Eat It Off My Feet

Super sexy starlet Kira Perez is relaxing by the pool. A portly fellow sits down beside her and begins opening a candy bar. When he drops it on the floor, Kira quickly picks it up with her toes. She tells the big guy that she knows he was going to eat it off the floor, so he may as well eat it off her feet! The guy wanted chocolate, but the offer of having his candy and her perfect little size five feet at the same time is a dream come true. He doesnt hesitate to begin slurping her sexy soles and tiny toes in an effort to clean them all up. He devours her petite feet until he gags on her sexy little feet. Kiras feet are extremely ticklish and she cannot stop squealing and squirming as he licks, nibbles and sucks on her incredibly precious little feet

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