FootFetish » Foot Slave Training » Bratty Foot Girls - Ama Rio, Mandy Wolf, Sunshine Tampa - Intern gets feet for lunch

Bratty Foot Girls - Ama Rio, Mandy Wolf, Sunshine Tampa - Intern gets feet for lunch

Office brats Mandy, Sunshine and Ama are taking their lunch break when they hear about the new loser intern that started today. These three are cruel and love to fuck with the newbies. They giggle as they decide when he comes in for his break they are gonna bully him good. He walks in and starts opening his lunch, a pack of corn chips. The girls start teasing him as Sunshine snatches away his chips and starts eating them herself, she shares them with the other two girls as he is left with nothing. Sunshine taunts him with a chip asking if he wants one as she drops it in front of her and removes her shoes then rubs her stinky soles on it. He is shy and embarrassed not knowing what to do. Sunshine tells him to get down on the floor so they can feed him his real lunch Their sweaty feet! The 3 brats laugh as they rub their stinky soles all over his face and tongue, they make him eat the toejam from between each toe and gag him hard under foot. SO much for his first day going well!

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