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Bratty Foot Girls - Naomi Swann, Mandy Wolf - Teacher's stinky foot lesson

Bratty Co-eds Naomi and Mandy are in trouble and their college teacher is ready to threaten them with suspensions if their attitudes don't change soon. They are barely even paying attention to him as they text their friends. Suddenly they get a text from one of their classmates letting them in on their teacher's little foot secret. Now they know how to turn the tides on this little lecture! They ask if they can remove their sweaty shoes as their teacher splutters not knowing what to do. Soon their stinky feet ar eperched in front of his face as he is slowly mesmerized by the soles of his students feet! They tell him he can have a sniff he he let's them go. Of course he can't help but inhale their feet. The smell is strong and sour and he's in heaven! He starts licking their smelly feet as they giggle knowing they have him right where they want him! They make him gag on their toes and feet before making him lay down as Mandy works his mouth with her toes and soles and Naomi works his cock through his pants. They are gonna make sure he makes a mess in his pants!

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