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Bratty Foot Girls - Reagan Lush - Clean feet or get expelled

Jason's been called to Miss Lush's office once again. Not for the first time, he's in trouble for stealing socks from his co-ed classmates female lockers and sniffing them. Miss Lush has absolutely had it with him and threatens to call his parents. He begs her not to but Miss Lush has to punish him to get the message across one way or another. She thinks about ti for a second and decides if he doesn't want to get expellend from college then he will have to get his little foot thing under control and that will start today as she commands him to get down at her feet and start worshiping her sweaty feet. He is dumb struck as he has no choice but to lick and suck on his college professors soles and toes. She berates him non stop as she makes him lay under her desk. Soon her other foot finds his raging boner. She knows he is getting off on this but maybe this is the only way tov stop him stealing from the other girls. She rubs his cock through his shorts and he licks her soles clean till he cums in his pants and she sends him back to class!

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