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Bratty Foot Girls - Sasha Foxxx, Luna, Vanessa Rain - Sucks To Be You 2

After hearing all about their friend Kat dumping her boyfriend in the worst way possible, co-eds Sasha, luna and Vanessa have come over while Kat is at her new bf's house to keep him occupied - by ramming all 6 of their feet down his throat and keeping the humiliation at a high! These three are cruel and love the fact their friend chose such a degrading way to dump her man. While Kat is out with Bobby, the triple brat combo can only laugh and mock him as he stutters asking them to stop, but they are mean, and don't let up, keeping him pinned in by making him lick, sniff and gag on their toes and feet. They are really sweaty and stinky too which doesn't help matters at all! How much more will he be subjected to by his gf and her evil friends! (Part 2 of 10)

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