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Lady Scarlet - Hard Smelly And Crushing Training - 1

Me and some beautiful friends of mine have decided to treat ourselves to a vacation in a splendid villa, bringing with us two slaves who will be at our service full-time. Today we decide to work out a little in the gym and after sweating hard we can't wait to let our two servants smell our scents. Lots of smelly feet for these two slaves who immediately rush to adore and smell their Goddesses. Terry socks, sneakers and a lot of sweat that they avidly adore In the meantime, we take the opportunity to have our feet washed, pushing down their throats and dilating their mouths with several feet at the same time until our extremities become clean again and the smell disappears. The training continues and we decide to use our two slaves as gym mats. We split into two groups, three per mat, and we start with bodyweight exercises: some of us climb on their abdomen to squat or jump, others step on their face repeatedly, but the important thing is that they keep suffering under the our weight. We take turns squashing them well and at the end we complete the session with a nice round of running around so that all of us have a chance to step on and squash both of our human mats. After all this exercise we are very thirsty and send the slaves away to prepare us some orange juice.

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