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Liberty's sister's Socks

Liberty's sister's Socks

Liberty recently noticed that this loser slave seems to have some attraction about her sisters feet so she wanted to do something about that! Shes kind of young and attractive but especially when shes coming back home after a long shift as a waitress with her sexy nylon socks! This loser slave is probably dreaming to sniff her feet! Liberty woke up this morning with the diabolic plan to wear her sisters socks for an extra day at the office! They were already smelly so just imagine after another extra day at the office! Liberty wants this loser slave at her feet for now and she wants to make some fun at him! She is telling him that she actually wore her sisters socks for an extra day and wants him to take her shoes off! She completely covers his face with those sweaty nylon socks and makes him take some deep breaths in her feet! Dont you like that smell loser? Can you smell my sisters feet through mine? This is the only way you will smell my sisters socks! Through my delicious and precious feet! She takes pleasure to make him sniff and lick the sweaty bottom of her socks! Liberty also makes him take her socks off to smothers his face with her smelly bare feet! She makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles again and suck on her toes like a good devoted loser slave! Very Hot Clip Alert!

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