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ALICE And VICKY - Washing Machine - Socks Smother And Domination

 ALICE And VICKY - Washing Machine - Socks Smother And Domination

Play Video Since Alice met Vicky at the college, they own me many times as they come from the classes and they want some fun to release the stress. I really try to be a good slave for them, so they will appreciate my offer and not dominate me hard. But it doesn't matter how perfect I am, the two brats always find a way to make me suffer! Alice and Vicky are just back home and I am ready to wash the clothes in the machine, so I ask them if they can give me their socks, as I know they were all day wearing it. But they think that is better to have some fun with me before washing, so they throw me at the floor and they cover my face under their sweaty socks! They kick my face and wipe their socks all over it, humiliating me. I complain, but they shut me up, smothering me under their sweaty socks again and again, making me inhale the sweat! At the end, they decide to wash their socks, but not in the machine, but in my mouth!

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