FootFetish » Foot Sniffing » Brat Princess 2 - Princess Chloe, Princess Mariah - Abuse Perverted School Janitor with stinky Boots and Feet

Brat Princess 2 - Princess Chloe, Princess Mariah - Abuse Perverted School Janitor with stinky Boots and Feet

Brat Princess 2 - Princess Chloe, Princess Mariah - Abuse Perverted School Janitor with stinky Boots and Feet

Chloe heard a rumor that the pathetic janitor from her school has a thing for girls stinky feet. Chloe thought this was very potentially embarrassing information, so she lured the janitor over to her house to find out if the rumor was true. Chloe knows that if the janitor is a slave to the foot stink of young hot girls, then she can get the creepy old loser to do all sorts of things for her. She`ll use her power to completely destroy him.
Chloe invited her friend Mariah over to see if the janitors weird foot thing is real. Mariah is very excited! Her feet have really been sweating in her Uggs so she should be able to bend the freaky loser to her will with all the good sweat she has worked up in there if the rumor proves true. Chloe calls the janitor into her kitchen. She tells him to start licking the dirt off both hers and Mariahs boots. The janitor is kind of a simpleton and without question, he just starts licking the dirty boots because a hot girl told him to. LOL.
The girls want to see the half-wit get its tongue black with the dirt from their boots. Hes not doing a great job and the girls mock him because he is literally THE JANITOR. It is literally its job to be able to get things clean. The girls are very mean to the janitor. They want him to completely humiliate himself just because its funny to them. The girls can tell almost right away that the rumors about the janitor are true because he is so willing to lick the dirt from the boots to get even just the promise of whats inside.
Chloe n Mariah dont care that the janitor doesnt make a lot, they want access to his finances, and they will use their feet to get to this meager sum. They`ll take all of what little he has. Its almost too easy to get money out of someone so stupid. Wrong? Is it wrong to take money from someone who has almost nothing to start with? Chloe and Mariah do not see it that way. They are hot and young and therefore entitled to whatever they want. The janitor may not have much, but he is low hanging fruit.
The girls yell at the simple janitor. They decide to trample his large body. They tell him to lay on the ground and literally walk all over him with their boots. They make fun of the janitors whimpering sounds. The janitor is fat and that is so gross to the pretty girls. After the loser has suffered for awhile the girls confirm their suspicions and tell the janitor to start smelling their stinky boots. The girls are so mean to the dim-witted janitor as he eagerly gives into his foot smelling impulses. This is the most pathetic thing the girls have seen. They now know that they really have their hooks him. They make them beg very hard and admit that he wants to smell their socks. He begs and gets to smell the socks. This gets him so excited. Eww!
The girls bully the janitor and humiliate him while letting him live the ultimate dream of licking their smelly soles. He will pay for this privilege with real tears. The girls really hurt the janitors feeling with their cruel words. They are really just so mean and hurtful. But the stupid janitor should be grateful. Isnt he getting just what he wanted? Yes, he wanted to smell the girls feet, but he never imagined that pretty girls could be so mean and make him cry.
After the janitor has gotten just what he wanted, the girls decide to turn the fat garbage man into their garbage can. Mariah blows her nose into a tissue and stuffs it into the fat janitors mouth. She forces the dim-wit to eat the dirty tissue. The simple janitor does what the pretty girls tell him to and chews it up. The girls laugh and surround him and spit on him while he struggles to chew and swallow the tissue. The girls turned the garbage man into a garbage can! They are so much cleverer than he is.

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