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I WANT FEET - Sneaky Sleepy Stinky

I WANT FEET - Sneaky Sleepy Stinky

Honey is fast asleep on the sofa when Lisa enters the room. A few taps on the arm from Lisa confirm for her that Honey is completely out. Lisa knows Honey's just back from a work out and so now would be a great time to sneak in some stinky feet. She slowly stradddles Honey and removes her socks. Lisa plants her nose in Honey's stinky bare toes inhaling all the stink she can get. Lisa places light kisses on Honey's feet during her smell fest. Deep into what she's doing Lisa doesn't know Lela has snuck up on her. Eager to join in Lela takes Lisa's spot while Lisa moves down to get a new smell from Lela's sexy toes. Lela smells the sleeping Honey while Lisa smells Lela. The two then take a bit to smell each other while sitting next to Honey's head. Even though Honey is asleep the girls want Honey to, if only subconsciously, get a whiff of their stinky feet. They take turns placing their toes of Honey's sleeping nose. You can't help but wonder what dreams Honey might be having!

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