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Naomi Swann - Foot Zoned

Naomi Swann - Foot Zoned
Jason is a friend of Naomi, whom has a huge crush on her. However has been friend zoned by her because he is always passive aggressive with her about the guys she dates. She tricked him one day by putting something in his drink and has tied him to the foot of her bed to smell her royal feet for the night as revenge. She finds this new arrangement with him funny as hell. She giggles as she makes him smell her soles and toes as she relaxes on the bed texting her many boyfriends. His face winces as the stinging sour smell from her gym class is still fresh and the toejam is caked between her toes. He's just a loser who will neve rhave a chance at her. He's only good for sniffing her stinky feet.

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