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Masorotica Productions - A special edition for Sasara - Sock Bully 2

As many know Ive recently become Sasaras real life slave so weve been shooting on a nearly daily basis (she never asked, she just shows up at my place). Sasara wanted another shoot a few days after we did a scene called Sock Bully. Knowing fully well how much I hate feet, she wanted to try things a little differently this time around. She put a collar and leash on me, handcuffed me, taped my mouth shut with duct tape, then proceeded to crush my face beneath the hard soles of her boots causing me to grunt in pain. How does it feel to be my little slave? she asks with a smile.

Now youre going to smell my socks cause you dont suffer enough. To my complete horror, when she peeled off her knee high boots, she was still wearing the same Hello Kitty socks she wore from our first shoot DAYS ago! She never even took them off! She wore them out even more! -Just to make them smell stronger and more pungent than the first time so she could see me squirm while enjoying my reactions to smelling her smelly over worn socks!

Now smell them. Sasara insists smothering my face in her stinky pungent socks that were over one week old! To make things worse she peels off her socks making me lick her bare feet to clean off all the pungent sock lint! Asking me to Smell them also at the same time. as I smell and lick her sweaty soles with my tongue hoping she will end the shoot soon. After licking her feet she tramples me beneath her fullweight crushing my rib cage -forward and reverse trample! I film a nice POV shot of her crushing me and in this video I include behind the scenes footage of me getting that angle for you guys to enjoy as she crushes me filming her from below!

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