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Queen Goddess K - Sweat Socks Stink!!!

Queen Goddess K - Sweat Socks Stink!!!

Queen K went out for a long walk in the summer sun and needless to say by the time she arrives home the Queens Feet are Extremely Sweaty and Smelly. Now that the Queen Goddess has finished her exercise for the day its time for slaveboy to Sniff Worship and Clean the Sweat and Stench from the Queens Sexy Thick Stinky Feet!! The Queen Orders slaveboy to drop to his knees and begin Kissing the Soles of her Disgusting Gym Sneakers. Once Queen K decides slaveboy has earned it she allows slave to remove her Smelly Sneakers revealing her Soaking Wet Stinky White Ankle Socks. The Queen Commands "Press your Loser Face into My Sweaty Socks Bitch" You watch as slaveboy Presses his face into the Dirty Stinky Sweaty Soles of his Queen. "Sniff my Socks slave" the Queen tells slave as the only air slaveboy is receiving is through his Queens Sweaty Socks!!! "Ok Take my Socks Off Bitch" Queen Commands slaveboy. The close up camera angle Shows the Sweat Glistening off the Queens Feet as slaveboy peels his Queens Socks off. "Kiss My Feet Loser" Queen K Commands as she Relentlessly Smears and Grinds her Meaty Stinky Soles all over slaves face. Finally Commanding slaveboy to Lick her Soles clean until she is satisfied Queen K is Extra Dominant in this awesome closeup Sweaty Stinky Foot Clip.

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