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Rea - 'The Nerd Schoolmate' - Cruel Footsmother

Rea - 'The Nerd Schoolmate' - Cruel Footsmother

Finally the nerd is cracked and he will do my homework. I warn him to do a perfect job and he is ready to go, but I command him to stop: he doesn't have the permission to go, as he was too late to say yes and he must be punished for that! I stick my feet on his face and I smother him hard, he feels the agony of anoxia. He must learn how is to be my slave and that is not easy! I footsmother him in various positions, keeping my feet on his face until I feel him struggling to breath and I am bullying and humiliating him as he is smothered under my feet. I footsmother him in various positions and when I see that he cannot take it anymore, I give him my homework subject and I kick him out of my house, commanding him to start immediately doing MY homework instead of his!

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