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Newmfx - Reckless classmate

Newmfx - Reckless classmate

Isabel and Adrielly are classmates, and they are on the redheads house doing some tasks and studying for a test. When Isabel's mother leaves, Adrielly runs to the kitchen and picks up a beer in the refrigerator, knocking everything down and being very reckless! Isabel goes crazy, very afraid that her mother discovers all the mess. Of course, because she is mean, Adrielly will still mistreat her worried friend, and she decides to do it in a very demeaning way: Isabel will have to lick her shoes and her feet! Placing her tongue on the dirty sole of the sneakers and then sucking and spitting saliva down Adrielly's feet, Isabel is forced to stand on her knees while taking care of her classmate's feet with her mouth. Poor thing!

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