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Miss Madison - Pool Games

Miss Madison - Pool Games
Here's your escape from winter, watching Miss Madison in the pool on a hot and sunny day. She's laying in her inner tube and tells her slave to move her around the pool while she soaks up the sun. To humor herself she makes the slave dive under the water to kiss her butt cheek. When he comes up she sends him under to kiss the other one. Amuse me, move me around the pool like an amusement ride she now tells him.

She then pushes her feet into his face and tells him to kiss them while moving her about. Suck my big toe she tells him, moving through the water the entire time. She then sends him to the deep end and demands his mouth never leave her feet... until she takes her foot and pushes him under the water, that is. When she lets him up it's back to worshiping her feet and pushing her through the water. Again she sends him under the water to kiss her ass and then another lap around the pool, this time with her legs wrapped around his neck. You've got to love summer she says with a giggle.

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