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American Mean Girls - Serving A Spoiled Pop Star

 American Mean Girls - Serving A Spoiled Pop Star
Amber is a mega-famous (and super spoiled!) pop star. She has legions of fans that literally worship her everywhere she goes.

Every once in a while she opens up an opportunity to her fans that follow her on Twitter to win a chance to be "a part of her life" and be around her- as her personal assistant. She just simply sends out a tweet to her millions of followers- and she receives thousands of desperate responses from (mostly) male admirers literally begging to do anything for her.

She just simply picks the most pathetic one, brings them in, and then runs them ragged working for her. She treats them like absolute dirt and works them like a daawgg until they are all used up. Then she simply discards them and replaces them with another one!

Her longtime manager has seen her do this to hundreds of old losers already...but there are always more of them in her fan base just waiting and begging for her to use them next!

This fat loser is the latest, "fan"...that Popstar Amber has brought in to her dressing room and given the "chance of a lifetime" to meet her- and basically wait on her hand & foot. And she fully believes that he is SO lucky to be allowed to do this...

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