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Lady Kara - Look At Me! With Full Throat!

Lady Kara - Look At Me! With Full Throat!

D0ggy! Come to me and jump on the table. On the back . Now your Goddess wants to play with her body. You can only worship my feet and watch when my hands move around my panties. Open your mouth and start to suck my feet in pantyhose! It feel so good! I`m horny when you have my feet in mounth. I push harder! I wanna feel all foot in your throat! I`m so wet down there... Keep my all foot in mouth... It`s turn me on when I hear how you are choking. Omg it`s making me to come... I want to hear more how you are choking when I`m coming. I scream so loudly. Do hear that slave... your Lady have an orgasm in front of your eyes. Good job . Very good. You give me a great orgasm. In rewald you will clean that filthy pantyhose.

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