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Lady Maria Jade - Gymnast's Brutal Face Fuck

Lady Maria Jade - Gymnast's Brutal Face Fuck

Maria Jade has never looked so hot with her hair blonde and shoulder-length -- her gym routine turning her from a curvy gymnast with world-class calves to a curvy gymnast with world-class calves and lean as fuck. Here she destroys Charles with her feet, first in her sneakers -- laughing at him gagging on them as they pop his teeth. "Why don't you just gag on my foot like a cock?" she asks him, telling him to lick her shoe that's "been in the dirt, all over the place." She tells him he's good for nothing and rams her sneaker down his throat in violent, squeaking foot gags from above. She gets in his face, angry that he might have bitten her foot; he gets foot gagged hard for it as Maria is violently plunging his face saying "Gag, bitch." She shoves her heel in his mouth, laughing at him for liking dirty shoes in his mouth, telling him she doesn't give a fuck that he hurts. Her infamous calves flex as she sits on him and gives him the dry heaves, then makes him kiss the bottom of her sneakers. She shoves both shoes in, asking him if he's been to the dentist. She drills down violently from above; hurting him and forcing a break with an extreme sequence of hard mouth-fucking. She tells him the view of her ass is as good as he'll ever see. Her sneakers and her cruelty hurt him. She takes one shoe off and foot gags him with the foot; she threatens him and hurts him with the other foot, its shoe on. She sticks both her shoes, now in her hands, in his mouth like an accordion and continues the foot abuse wearing her socks, pulling his mouth apart and gagging him. If he's ever not going to bite, she says, "this is the time because I will destroy you." She loves hurting him, slapping him, making him sound like he's sucking a stovepipe as she exclaims at how far back her foot is in his throat. She taunts him about being in pain. She asks if he wants her to extract some teeth. She feels teeth through her socks and brutally gags him, hurting him, driving her foot down saying "Your pain is my pleasure." He heaves as she does squats with her foot driving down into his mouth. The gymnast shoves her sock in his mouth, telling him how sweaty her feet are. She grows meaner in her bare feet, ramming them down his mouth and biting her lip in joy as she talks about how sweaty they are, telling him to show her "how exactly you'd suck a cock."

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