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Maria Marley, Roxanne Rae - Sexy Lesbian Foot Worship Play

Maria Marley, Roxanne Rae - Sexy Lesbian Foot Worship Play

Sexy LESBIAN girlfriends MARIA MARLEY and ROXANNE RAE are in bed in their BRA and PANTIES LINGERIE giving each other FOOT WORSHIP. The girls are SUCKING each others TOES and LICKING one anothers SOLES, making each other MOAN. ROXANNE tells her girlfriend to lay back as she slides her face down towards MARIA'S BIG SIZE 8.5 FEET. ROXANNE wants MARIA to really be pampered and enjoy the sexy WORSHIP she's about to get. ROXANNE focuses on MARIA'S SOLES and TOES, LICKING and SUCKING giving MARIA WET FOOT WORSHIP as MARIA MOANS with her FEET in ROXANNE'S MOUTH. MARIA loves how her girlfriend makes her so WET but now she was to give ROXANNE more FOOT WORSHIP in return. MARIA likes it WET as she SPITS on ROXANNE'S FEET,LICKING it up and making ROXANNE'S SOLES shine from her SALIVA. Watch MARIA MARLEY and ROXANNE RAE have sexy LESBIAN FOOT WORSHIP.

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