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Miss Jasmine, Miss Mutiny - The Stories These Feet Could Tell

Miss Jasmine, Miss Mutiny - The Stories These Feet Could Tell

The dynamic duo of Miss Jasmine and wrestling sensation Mutiny are back together in this great clip. The scene opens with the ladies chatting about their day and they look so relaxed in the their bra and panties with their feet up. As the camera moves back we can see their feet are up on a human stool. Jasmine says this furniture does anything and jokes he has been especially good since his lobotomy. Soon he is licking, sucking and kissing all the feet while also using his hands to massage them as well. They use his shoulders and chest to rest their legs on while he keeps busy at his task. It's not easy for one slave to attend to 4 feet.

Jasmine talks about where her feet have been and it sounds like they have been in some nasty stuff. No excuse though, the slave licks them no matter what. A proper slave would be disappointed to think the feet were actually clean. Jasmine rubs her feet over the slaves tongue repeatedly and says she wants to get it as swollen as his balls which they have just finished destroying (His Battered Balls Are Huge). Once their feet are clean the Ladies decide they want to head out for something to eat. The slave will position himself under the table and continue his foot service while they dine.

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