FootFetish » Foot Worship » Bratty Foot Girls - Lexi Luna - Lick my dirty socks and soles

Bratty Foot Girls - Lexi Luna - Lick my dirty socks and soles

Bratty Foot Girls - Lexi Luna - Lick my dirty socks and soles

Lexi is wearing pink silk pajamas and colorful socks. Lexi has her dirty laundry on the couch when her step brother walks in. Jason teases about how bad her laundry stinks and Lexi tells her brother to shut up. Lexi walks out of the room. Lexi has no clue about her brothers secret foot fetish. When she leaves Jason picks up her dirty socks out of her hamper and starts smelling them. Lexi walks in and catches her brother sniffing her dirty socks. She pulls out her phone and snaps a pic of him doing it! Jason turns around but is too late. Lexi thinks her stepbrother is disgusting and is going to make him pay. She decides that the pictures she snapped on her phone will be used as blackmail. He pleads with her and she says a punishment is in store. She makes him lie on the ground and she smothers his face with her socked feet while wearing colorful socks. Lexi verbally humiliates him as she completely smothers her brother with her socked soles. She then makes him stick out his tongue and she drags her socked soles down her brothers tongue disgusted at her perverted brother. She makes him lick her colorful socked soles heel to toe. Then she takes off her colorful socks and she makes him lick her bare soles clean! She has him lick his sisters bare soles heel to toe. She humiliates her loser brother as he licks her soles clean with the angle like in the clip from a little down below and not to close so her soles and both of you are visible. She calls him a pervert and laughs at him. Then she laughingly humiliates him by telling him shes gonna make lick her boyfriends stinky big soles! Jason moans audibly as she talks about how stinky and gay this will be. Then she says wait a sec and leans over the couch and grabs her boyfriends used dirty socks from the dirty laundry pile! She tells Jason to stick out his tongue but he refuses. She threatens to tell Mom and dad and send the pic to everyone! and says stick out your fucking tongue! He reluctantly does and she then has him lick her boyfriends used dirty socks dragging them down his tongue. She makes disgusted faces laughing at her brothers torture. She shoves her boyfriends socks into her brothers mouth laughing at him! She then puts her boyfriends socks down and then has him lick her bare soles more. She makes him lick her bare soles heel to toe again. Then talks about making him suck her boyfriends dick until he cums all over her perverted loser brothers face as punishment. She talks about making her brother suck her boyfriends dick for a huge facial as punishment! She as her brother then suck on her heels with her soles facing the camera. She tells him to suck them like a dick. Then she has him suck on her other heel. After this she has him clean between her toes and lick her soles more with more forced bi talk about licking her boyfriends feet and sucking his dick as she laughs. After this she gets a text and tells him ok well guess who's coming over now! My boyfriend! She tells her brother to get ready to lick her boyfriends feet and suck his dick. Jason moans as she gets up to let her boyfriend in.

Model: Lexi Luna
Format: MP4
Quality: 1920x1080
File Size : 640 MB
Duration: 00:11:12


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