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Xanas Foot Fantasies - The Foot Fetish Step-Daughter

Xanas Foot Fantasies - The Foot Fetish Step-Daughter

Xana has noticed something new and unusual in the behavior of her step-daughter lately - for some reason she has been staying up until late in her room lately. Since that ha started happening, her grades in school have worsened and Xana is curious to find out what is happening. One day, while her step-daughter is away, Xana goes in her room, switches her computer on, goes through her browsing history and notices that her step-daughter has been watching foot fetish videos online. Based on her discovery, in order to get her step-daughter to focus on more important things in life, Xana decides to worship her daughter's feet herself, so that the girl does not have to spend hours on living her fantasies online and can get the chance to experience and enjoy them in her real life. That is why, when her step-daughter returns, Xana proceeds to lick her soles, suck her toes and worship her large feet.

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