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CHERRY - Orange Mood - Foot Worship And Domination

CHERRY - Orange Mood - Foot Worship And Domination

Everytime Cherry owns me, I feel more tired than ever! She has so much energy and she loves so much to dominate me, that is too much for me, but I have to take it. She is beautiful and sweet, but she can be so sadistic and she loves to have me under her feet, that, to admit, they are really beautiful but cruel! PART1: Foot Worship Reverse Cherry relaxes on the bed and I lay at her feet, offering my face as her footstool. Of course she cannot just relax, soon she commands me to start licking her feet, as she rubs them all over my face. I lick and suck as she moves slowly her feet on my face and sometimes she kicks my face so I will lick better. Cherry footsmothers me and is hard for me, as her feet come from the back and I don't have time to collect air! Finally, after licking and sucking for long, she relaxes her feet on my face and ignores me. PART2: Footsmother And Domination In Human Furniture Position Cherry discovers that my belly is big and soft, so she can sit on it! She uses me as a furniture with her feet on my face and she makes me worship them, while she relaxes back. But, soon, she gets in dominant mood and she kicks and footslaps my face, laughing at me. She wipes hard her soles all over my face while I lick them and she starts footsmothering me hard, laughing at my effort to breath! Sadistic Cherry loves the breath control games and she footsmothers me more and more, playing with my face underfoot when I can finally breath. Finally, she thinks that I am not so confortable as she though, and she kicks my face for that, using it finally as her footstool...

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