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Lady Roberta - Habits

Lady Roberta - Habits

Shoe Worship And Shoe Domination
Blond beauty Roberta is a very strong personality and of course she has her habits! One of them is that every night she enjoys to dominate her slave hard, she says that it gives her a good peaceful sleep! Roberta is back from a party looking gorgeous in her sexy dress, pantyhose and classic black high heels and her slave is ready to serve her!

Roberta traps her slave under a chair and she commands him to clean and shine her sexy black high heels, of course licking them. The slave starts licking and cleaning and Roberta humiliates him and abuses him verbally. She takes control when he gets slow and lazy, or he speaks to much and finally she uses his face as her footstool, covering it under her sexy high heels! Roberta crushes his mouth under her shoe and she fucks it with the heel, kicking him when he is not good! What a Goddess!

Foot Domination In Pantyhose
Roberta commands her slave to remove her shoes and she commands him to kiss her perfect feet. She covers his face under her feet and rubs them all over his face, burning it from the nylons! She gets dominant and she kicks and stomps his face and footsmothers him. Roberta relaxes her feet on his face and sometimes she smothers him without even notice. But after a while, she keeps dominating him under her pantyhosed feet!

BRUTAL Trampling And Facestanding In High Heels
Roberta commands her slave to take of his t-shirt and lay on the floor and she stands on him in her sexy black high heels and tramples him brutally! The stilleto heels dig into his flesh and make him moan in pain, but Roberta has fun from this and keeps trampling brutally his body and crush his dick and throat! She makes him worship her shoes while she stands on him and she shoegags him and of course she stands on his face full weight many times, trampling it under her sexy shoes!

INHUMAN Face Destruction (Facestanding, Facekicking, Facejumping)
After trampling him in high heels, Roberta now is in the mood to destroy his fucking face under her feet! She starts to stand on his face for long and when she goes off to his chest, she stomps and kicks it hard! She stands on his face in many positions and while she stands, she stopmps and kicks it, or jumps on it! The finish is VIOLENT, Roberta starts jumping on his face hard many times, living him down half passedout! EXTREME ACTION!

EXTREME Facesitting
Is time for a cigarette and Roberta uses of course his slave's face to sit and smoke, smothering him under her! She has him on handcuffs and she totally enjoys to relax and smoke sitting on his face, feeling his agony for some more oxygen! Roberta finishes her cigarette and she gets more dominant, sitting full weight on his face and smothering him, kicking him hard on his body!

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