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Lady Valentina - Fetish Cafe - Foot Domination And Facekicking

Lady Valentina - Fetish Cafe - Foot Domination And Facekicking

There is a cafe place in the city, but not like he others. Is an exclusive fetish cafe that the Mistresses can relax, enjoy their drinks and play with the pet slaves that the place provides! The members are few and selected, just the most beautiful and demanding Dominas! Cruel Amazon Valentina wants to destoy this pathetic slave under her big beautiful feet. She commands him to take off her shoes and she makes him worship her feet, the hard way. Valentina totally owns her slave under her feet, she footsmothers him and footgags him and she wipes her soles all over his face. But what Valentina always loves more is the facekicking, with amazing cruelty she stomps and kicks the face of her slave, even against the floor! After many minutes of hard foot domination, the slave asks if she can say some good words for him to the Mistresses that own the cafe. Valentina makes him choose, to kick his face brutally and give positive feedback, or no kicks no speak. The slave chooses the kicks, as anyway if she will say something bad they will punish him. Valentina smiles with his choice and breaks his face with her feet, stomping and kicking until he collapses!

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