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Goddess Zephy - Object Part 1

Goddess Zephy - Object Part 1

You are nothing to me... certainly not a human! I mean, what kind of man gets a huge boner from sniffing a woman's stinky feet??? lil dufus is used strictly as an object for me to rest my god-like feet on while I play video games. This is immediately after a long session at the gym-- I NEVER wash these cute pink tube socks and my sweaty feet totally REEK! (this plus chastity keeps my slave kneeling and obedient).

Other than occasionally repositioning his face with my toe to be a better foot rest, I completely ignore him down there. His job: remain totally still and SHUT UP. Not too hard, right?

To even be considered for the role of my personal foot pedestal is a HUGE honor... my toned, tanned body, and high arched, pedicured feet have men begging on their knees to form the ground I walk on!! (which you all should!!!)

My slave lives life on his knees, with my stinky feet covering his face. The way it should be!!!

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