FootFetish » Foot Worship » Danielle and Bianca summoned to Beth Bennett's hotel room

Danielle and Bianca summoned to Beth Bennett's hotel room

 Danielle and Bianca summoned to Beth Bennett's hotel room

Work bitch Beth Bennett brings Bianca J and Danielle Maye to her hotel room to try out some unconventional ideas about team morale building. She asks Bianca and Danielle to perch on the end of her bed and has Bianca slip off the white stilettoes from her bare feet - Bianca knowing about the boss's foot fetish has put on her sexy toe ring.

Next it's Danielle's turn to slip off her black heels to reveal her gorgeous nylon feet - nude stockings stretched very thinly over her amazing long legs and feet. Beth examines each of the girls feet carefully before comparing the aroma from their feet. She finds that Danielle's nylon clad toes hold the fragrance of sweat extremely well.

Miss Bennett asks the girls to kneel on the floor in front of her then has them remove her shoes and massage her stockinged feet, then run their tongues around them. Bianca is especially determined to take her mistresses toes deeply into her mouth. There is nothing that quite compares with having her bare feet sucked and licked for Miss Bennett and she has the ladies peel off her stockings.

The boss then deep throats Bianca's diminutive feet then Danielle's stockinged feet covering them in her drool before she takes both feet at once in her mouth. Beautiful women, beautiful feet and lots of warm, wet tongues...enjoy.

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