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ALISA - Without mercy - Worship her sandals and feet

 ALISA - Without mercy - Worship her sandals and feet

Today Alisa wanted me to lick her sandals. I couldn't resist her will and lay down on my belly near her feet and started to do my work. I tried as best I could but Alisa didn't like it and she insulted me and slap me very often. Sometimes she spat on her foot and ordered me to lick it. What could I do? Of course I obeyed. After I licked her sandals, Alisa ordered me to lick her bare feet. She always pressed her foot against my head, pressing me to the floor so that I felt more humiliated. In spite of this, I tried to lick off all the sweat from her soles and thoroughly licked between her toes too to avoid punishment. Is it normal for an adult like me to be humiliated by a 19 year old girl? What do you think? (English subtitles)

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