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Tracy - My Lesbo Slave Loves Stinky Feet And Socks

Tracy - My Lesbo Slave Loves Stinky Feet And Socks

New hot, sexy model - Tracy. She has beautiful big feet with pretty, long toes. Tracy orders to slave Linda lick dirty sneakers after jogging. Linda cleans bottoms of shoes with her tongue and sniffs stinky sneakers inside. Then Tracy makes slave girl to sniff sweaty, dirty socks. She says, "I can smell them from here! You are disgusting if you are ready to smell it!" Of course, slave Linda should to lick sweaty bare feet. Tracy orders to slave girl, "Lick between my toes! There is always a lot of dirt and stinky toe jam." However, Linda loves it; she licks, sucks and sniffs big, beautiful soles. For the good work a reward for slave. Tracy puts her sweaty socks in Linda's mouth and on her face. Linda sucks and sniffs dirty socks when Tracy tramples her face.

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